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Here is my fertility journey

After years & years of trying & failing. Finding out I have Endometriosis & PCOS. Starting IVF, bad news from specialist to specialist. Two laparoscopy operations on my womb to burn away the endometriosis. Having constant blood tests, scars on my tummy, crazy hormones, bad skin & being in constant horrendous pain. To then being told I wouldn’t be able to have children naturally & that I needed to be put in an induced menopause at such a young age with the risk my ovaries might not ever work again. I was on Zoladex and Livial. I can finally reveal I’ve managed to fall pregnant unexpectedly & naturally. I found out via a kidney/bladder scan in November when I was around 20weeks & I am honestly so thankful for this gift.

For the PCOS sufferers I was told that I only had it in my right side. It caused me to have terrible Acne, depression, sometimes angry and a sugar craving (which I didn’t know fed my PCOS and caused the symptoms to be worse). My follicles weren’t maturing into an egg or developing which would leave me with empty cyst like sacs after “ovulation” every month. On the scan they described it as a “pearl necklace effect” as it was just a ripple of black dots on the ultrasound scan in my ovary!

Luckily for me I didn’t suffer with weight gain but I know some people can and it can be difficult as it’s all hormone related. A lot of people have messaged me about my crystal bracelets. It was handmade specifically for my journey for fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.

I decided to team up with Love Crystal Healing Life to replicate the exact same bracelet I have, as I know how much it meant to me and my journey. I still never take them off.

These crystals are super special to me given the fact this baby is a dream & a miracle.

I just want to say to you all never give up hope – I’ve had miracle baby stories through, so it can still happen for you – Remain positive! xXx

All of our jewellery has been made with love and intention, each one is separately healed with reiki energy.